50% Rambling
50% Fangirling
0% Coherent Thinking
But what else is new?
Meta and Crying
It's what I kind of do.

I made an Ask Fic Meme!

Be proud of me! 

Yes, I made my very own prompt lists on the occasion where I might feel I need it. You guys can send me any number from the list with a pairing and if you want it to be fluff, angst or etc. Anyone is free to use this, by the way, for art or fic or whatever.

  1. Say You Like Me
  2. Can I Have This Dance?
  3. Shut off the Phone
  4. Screaming someone’s name
  5. Self-Fulfilling Prophecies
  6. Airplanes
  7. Shattered Glass
  8. Sleeping Spell
  9. Carnival
  10. Porcelain
  11. These scars on my heart
  12. Battlefield
  13. Unbreakable 
  14. Dawn
  15. Midnight Show
  16. Afternoon Delight
  17. Countdown
  18. Made out of Snow
  19. Made out of Fire
  20. Three Wishes
  21. Beautiful Girl/Boy
  22. Real
  23. Walking on Glass
  24. Make me sick with your lies
  25. Pretty when you Cry
  26. Drowning in the Ocean
  27. Bombshell
  28. Living Dead Boy/Girl
  29. Give Your Heart a Break
  30. Sewing up Limbs (arms, chest, legs, etc)
  31. Alone in a Crowded Room
  32. Neglect
  33. Love Song  
  34. Burning Room
  35. Wolves in the Forest
  36. Break me; I love you
  37. Computer Screen
  38. Obsession
  39. Cannibal 
  40. Banshee
  41. Alive in a Coffin
  42. Destroy
  43. Your Gravity
  44. Smoking
  45. Tastes like Candy
  46. Mama, I’m in love with criminal
  47. Text Message/Sexting
  48. Battle Royale
  49. All this doubt in my head; drown it out
  50. One way out and I found it